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Preview: The Eternal Citadel!

Hey folks!

The Eternal Citadel holds a special place in my heart because it was my first attempt at really breaking the mold for what an Otherworldly Patron could be. I was listening to a song by the artist Iron Mask (yeah, I like a bit of metal) when I stumbled across an artwork by the exceptional Noah Bradley and everything clicked in my head.

A timeless fortress from beyond the stars that takes people from the world they once lived upon and delivers them to new worlds, acting with mysterious purpose and uncompromising in its goals. My design goals were simple: Make something that felt like a guardian. The first feature enables you to guard yourself and others while the next lets you survive and persevere against even the strongest attack. The Citadel supports the construction of other structures, so the ability to create walls must be included. The final feature is designed as the weapon of last resort; a method of execution for the truly ruinous and destructive.

The Statuesque race, which I've provided an image for, will be available in a future preview so be sure to keep an eye out or subscribe on the home page so you won't miss them!

Thank you so much for reading! If you'd like to comment or discuss anything here, please send me a message via the contact for or check out the thread on Reddit!

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