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The Compendium has been updated!

Hey folks!

The new version of the Compendium has been released! Special thanks to Freeknight for their excellent editing help, as well as to all of my fans and supporters for your feedback and advice!

I'm also proud to announce that COFSA has sold over 400 digital copies!

That's amazing! Seriously, I can't thank you enough!

Here's the latest abridged version! If you've purchased the full version before now, check your email for a new link!

Here's the "brief" changelog:

Tons of small phrasing fixes, typos, and other minor but inconsequential errors. Thank you all for pointing these out!

There's now a cool chart on page 7 that lists all the Alrisen, their subclasses, familiar, and race, so you can pick and choose what you'd like a little more easily!

Shrill Whistle now has a save vs. none instead of assured damage.

Duskwalk's base range reduced from 30 ft. to 15 ft., and base damage reduced to 1d6.

Cage of Briars base hit points increased from 100 to 200, resistance to damage removed, vulnerability to fire added.

Spell Flux added to the Sorcerer/Wizard list (previously on none)

Almighty Assault added to the Paladin list (previously on none)

Dark Empowerment no longer gives resistances, but does give 2x spell mod in THP instead of 1x.

Skystrike now stuns the caster after 30 feet fallen, rather than 100. The stun is removed after a 5th level slot.

The cantrip Cheerful Song has been added to the wizard spell list.

The Discordant fighter subclass was "overtuned" (hah), and has been forcefully been brought back into harmony.

Check the new subclass features for more details! This was one to watch in the past, but I think it's in a better place now while still keeping what made it attractive.

The Blackthorn Lineage has gone from "watcher of plants" to "bloodthirsty flytrap" with a massive rework of the features from 6th level and up. Let me know what you think of it!

Accursed Archive's 1st level feature is now slightly more open, to choosing 2 of 4 skills.

Blade Empowerment's damage has been halved, and the 5-foot push has been changed to a knockdown-on-crit instead. Previously, the damage scaling was more effective than intended.

Ashen Lineage's 14th level feature now includes magical difficult terrain.

Serpent Empress Warlock's 6th level feature now gives an additional benefit when attacking a poisoned creature.

There may be other small changes that have not been listed here, so be sure to check your character's features and spells!

I promise the hardcover is coming! It'll likely be a few weeks at least, so thank you for being patient!

Thank you all for your feedback! If you encounter any issues, please send me a message. You can contact Genuine (me) at and on Reddit as /u/GenuineBelieverer.

Also, hit me up on Discord! GenuineBelieverer#0350

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