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The Hardcover is Real!

Hey folks!

I'm seriously thrilled right now. Seriously. Genuinely, one might say.

The hardcover proof arrived this week and I've been so excited to share it with you, I couldn't resist giving a quick peek to my Twitter followers!

So here's how this is going to work: I'm opening pre-orders for locations in/residents of the continental US until October 15th. First, click here and make sure you're getting the pre-order! Then come back.

You're back? Ok, good!

Now, the next thing I'd like you to do is fill out the Genuine Satisfaction Survey - This tells me what you thought about COFSA and helps me for future projects!

Once I get 500 responses to the survey, I'll send out an email with the preview of some content from the next Genuine project!

Now, I'd like you to do something a little more complicated for me: I want you to contact me and send me feedback on COFSA's mechanical balance and bring up any questions or concerns you may have. You can talk to me via Reddit, you can send me a message on Twitter, you can write me an email at - you can even contact me on The Discord of Many Things! (I'm Genuine there too!)

To add to this joyous occasion, I'd like to mention how excellent all the feedback so far has been - you folks are great! Thank you so much! So, here's how your hard work has paid off:

The new version of the Compendium has been released! Special thanks to Freeknight for their excellent editing help, as well as to all of my fans and supporters for your feedback and advice!

I'm also seriously proud to announce that COFSA has sold over 500 digital copies!

That's amazing! Seriously, I can't thank you enough!

Here's the latest abridged version! If you've purchased the full version before now, check your email for a new link!

Thank you all for your feedback! If you encounter any issues, please send me a message. You can contact Genuine (me) at and on Reddit as /u/GenuineBelieverer.

Also, hit me up on Discord! GenuineBelieverer#0350

If you're interested in learning more, check out the Reddit Post!

Thanks folks!

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