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Semi-Final Update

Hey folks!

We're almost to the end of this first part of the journey. The pre-order period closes here in little more than a week, all the polish has continued apace, and I've gotten some fantastic feedback from everyone!

If you're interested in seeing a changelog, providing feedback, or seeing the results of that poll you all so generously took, please head over to the /r/UnearthedArcana thread and see more of my announcement there!

TLDR: The Compendium is much-beloved, it's fairly well balanced, and you're all quite excited to see the Compendium of Sacred Mysteries: Resurrection come into existence. Me too! Because of the poll, I've reworked the mechanics and lore on the Serpent Empress, the Warrior-Saint, the Perfect Chord, and the Gray Portrait.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and feedback - I couldn't have done it without you.

If you've purchased the full version and haven't gotten an email from me with your updated link, please send me a message with your purchase number or name so I can give you a new one!

Thanks for reading!


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