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The Genuine Homebrewing Contest!

Hey folks!

I'm Genuine, the individual behind Genuine Fantasy Press and The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets: Awakening - which is now available for international shipping!

I'm here today to announce a community homebrewing contest!

Prize: An artwork depicting your content (minimum value $100 USD) and the opportunity to have that content and artwork included in the upcoming Compendium of Sacred Mysteries: Resurrection!

Deadline: January 1st

How does this work?

Starting today, each person involved in the contest can submit one of their creations to Genuine by marking the post of their brew with #GenuineContest in the COMMENTS and putting it up on /r/UnearthedArcana. At the end of each calendar month, I'll go through the brews posted during that month and offer preliminary advice and small suggestions to those that need it.

You can continue to post updates and changes until the deadline, or change to a new submission entirely. Prior to the deadline, you must send me (/u/GenuineBelieverer) a finalized version of the content in a format that cannot be edited (PDF preferred). Once the deadline has passed, I will post a list of submitted content with links, so the community can review it. I will then make a determination of which piece of homebrew material I find to be the best, and declare the winner. I'll also list the runner-ups and any noteworthy mentions.

IrishBandit, a veteran reviewer of /r/BoH5e (Best of Homebrew) will be responsible for ensuring that I do not express overt bias or niche favoritism, representing a more neutral approach to brewing. Genuine has the final say in determining a winner.


The content must be compatible with 5th edition. The content must adhere to the Open Game License and the System Reference Document. If you are unfamiliar with this restriction, I'd suggest reading about it and checking TLDR: You can't use everything in the PHB. The content must be in English. The content must be compatible with other Genuine content. This does not mean it should reference Genuine content, though it may. The content must be complete and functional in all aspects. The content must be your own original work. The content must not be a rework of other content, nor can it contain modifications to core game rules found in the SRD. You may present optional rules The content must not be presented with artwork or other visual representation. You can use GM Binder or Homebrewery or your own custom Indesign format if you want, but it can't have art or pictures. You must behave professionally and courteously. No purchase required to enter.

Genuine has the final say when choosing a winner, and may elect to declare no winner or multiple winners, at Genuine's sole discretion.

Violation of these rules will disqualify you from winning.

The content may be one or more subclasses, races, spell(s), location(s), object(s), monster(s), character(s), or something else! No full classes. No content longer than 6 standard pages in length or less than 500 words in length. The content must be centered around a singular, coherent theme.

If you win, you'll be offered the opportunity to provide Genuine with a requested character or scene for the artwork, depicting the content submitted. Genuine will provide a list of available artists for you to choose from. Genuine will be responsible for contacting an artist and obtaining the art (Minimum value $100 USD).

The winner will receive full rights to use the artwork as they wish, a free digital copy of the Compendium of Sacred Mysteries: Resurrection upon publication, and credit within the Compendium certifying their creation of the content (if you choose to allow it to be included).

In order to have the content included in the Compendium, you must agree to provide Genuine with full, irrevocable rights to use the content with Genuine's works, and you certify that you have the right to do so. You further certify that you will receive no further rewards of monetary value associated with the content from Genuine. You may continue to use the content you've created as you wish and you retain all rights to it.

Here's Genuine's advice on winning:

Make something you think is cool! Be willing to admit you've made errors and fix the things you've created. Create something unique. It doesn't need to be all-new in every way, but if I've seen it done better somewhere else it won't win. Focus on a strong core theme. Have interesting visuals! - Paint a picture in my mind using your words and mechanics. Make sure it's balanced and can be used in every 5e game without creating questions or issues. Make it look decent - It doesn't have to be particularly pretty, but if it's well-presented then it'll probably be looked on more favorably. Remember: no art! Make it coherent and easy to read. Catch my attention with something strange. Tell me a story and put me in the shoes of the character or someone interacting with them! Respond positively to community feedback, and improve your submission over time. Showing improvement is just as important as showing your best work!

If you have further questions about the contest, please send me a message via my contact form so that I can address them.

Thank you!

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