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COFS:A Release Anniversary - The Weaveshaper Rewoven!

Hey folks!

I released COFSA one year ago, and now it's sold more than 2000 copies, so to celebrate, I'm giving you more! Why? Because you folks are awesome!

It's finally here - the official release of the Weaveshaper's latest (and hopefully final) incarnation.

That's right! The Weaveshaper - an exclusive class included in the full digital version of COFSA - has a new and exciting update in time for the 1-year anniversary, along with this delightful cover art by Caio Santos!

If you've purchased The Compendium, be sure to check your email for a link to the new version.

If you didn't get one, let me know!

For those of you curious what the Weaveshaper is all about, allow me to explain the things I wanted to include:

1. Stylish Combat - I love cool fight scenes. In anything! Roleplaying games can have as entertaining of combat as the narrators can tell, no doubt, but when the mechanics deliberately make you think "Alright, this is going to look so sick!" then everyone will have a great time.

2. Interesting Choices - Everyone likes having options and making their characters unique and exciting, with great visual flair and fun, important decisions to be made. However, making a character is only a small part of enjoying them: making decisions during gameplay, and having varying options is the real payout.

3. Something Unique - There's a lot of magical weapon-wielding classes out there. I chose to focus on aesthetic first, because if it looks fun, and it's mechanically interesting and balanced, then it will be fun.

To achieve these objectives, I've created the Weaveshaper as a maker of things: arcane thread, first and foremost, which is used in combination with pure magical force to create threadblades, clothing, objects, tools, and more. However, this class is a warrior first and foremost, and so it creates something even more unique: Combination Attacks.

Yes, those things where you land a few hits and then can chain that into something even more impressive and deadly. You can do those. There's aerial launches and chain-summoning stabbings and scything waves of wind and teleporting, death-dealing finishers and more!

This is included in the full digital version of The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets: Awakening - which you can get for free with a hardcover purchase!

Thank you, and enjoy!

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