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Heavensent Hellion Preview and Progress Report

Hey folks!

I hope you're all doing well! I've been great, and I wanted to share some of that greatness with you in the form of more content previews and an update on The Compendium of Sacred Mysteries: Resurrection (COSMR).

Firstly, a progress report: COSMR is coming along nicely after a temporary hiatus. A significant portion of the content is already finished and simply needing to be formatted, while other content is past the concepting stage and moving into production. As such, it is my hope that we may see COSMR's release early next year. That's not a promise, just a broad estimate subject to change, but it bodes well for the future.

Part of this progress comes from a lovely new format, created by Steve Fidler of Vorpal Dice Press. You may recognize that name - he's also the one responsible for the Warden class that will be included in COSMR. It's really well made, featuring subtle stylized columns and verdant flourishes fitting for a book focusing on clerics and druids, with small special touches for each of the four new faiths included in the book.

Check it out, and the Heavensent Hellion fighter martial archetype (with art by Alejandro Arevalo) , below!

The Heavensent Hellion

Originally created in 2018, the Hellion was designed as a way to give fighters the unique experience of being in many different places at once. Since then, it's been further refined to clarify the features, add depth to their use, and give you new tools with which to wage eternal war.

The Hellion's greatest strength comes from its copies - illusory stand-ins that they can use as points from which to act. This lets them easily scout dangerous terrain, threaten enemies on multiple sides of the battlefield, and move quickly between locations. Fitting to a fighter's resilience, these features do not have limited uses constrained to rests. Instead, the utility they gain is small but persistent, allowing you to use these features as much as you'd like.

When used as a melee-focused fighter, you can send a copy charging into the fray, enabling you to protect your more vulnerable allies while still getting into the thick of things to make your attacks. When chosen by a ranged-focused fighter, you can become extremely elusive, sending copies to attack from around corners or using them to safely reach new vantage points.

Unlike many fighters, the Hellion does not gain much in terms of maximum damage potential, especially early on. They don't get bonus damage, deadly maneuvers, or powerful defenses. Instead, they receive almost perfect positioning, allowing them to be more consistent about what they can do and how they can do it. Perfect Paradox, for example, allows you to threaten a larger area from which to make opportunity attacks. Couple that with Selfish Unity, and you can attack a creature, miss, teleport away to your normal copy, then wait for that creature to pursue you and make an opportunity attack when it moves.

This style of deliberate, tactical gameplay offers you a new way to look at the battlefield every single turn, and that's what makes this a Genuine subclass.

Thank you for reading! Click HERE to get the PDF version of the above content. Please follow me on Reddit or join my Discord server for more frequent previews of other 5e content!


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