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I'm Back!

Hey folks! I've returned from a month-long trip to India with lots of exciting insight and ideas!

First, here's something spicy to pique your interest!

That's right! The Weaveshaper - an exclusive class included in the full digital version of COFSA - is getting a new and exciting update in time for the 1-year anniversary, which will release later this month, along with this delightful cover art by Caio Santos!

This new update gives it one final, massive overhaul that will give you fewer, more important choices rather than endless options you won't have the opportunity to use. I know many of you liked the concept of using a wide armory of weapons, but the unfortunate part about the previous design was that it demanded only using one or two per fight - and with a growing list of choices, you'd eventually end up with too many to use them all.

Instead, this new concept is slimmer, less rigid, and much more flexible, allowing you to have the martial and magical feeling without missing the exciting, deadly finishing moves you crave!

As for COSMR: I'll be starting to release more previews soon, though I'm trying to get the art for each subclass done before previewing it, in order to give you a taste of the visual that I'm hoping to produce.

The lore for The Compendium of Sacred Mysteries: Resurrection will require more maturity from my audience than I've asked for in the past, I believe, and more from me as well. Typically, tabletop games don't touch religious practices deeply beyond establishing the divine pantheon and talking about the deities, but this book aims to do the opposite: gods and goddesses will be only a small part of the content, since many people either use established pantheons or create their own. Instead, I intend to focus on displaying dark, conflicted religious organizations and belief systems focused around the eternal question: "What happens when we die?"

I'm very excited to talk more about this in the future, so stay tuned!

Thank you!

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