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It Has Begun

Hey folks!

Genuine here, coming to you live with a fresh thing to entertain and inspire - the Genuine Fantasy Press Website & Blog!

"Why did you make a blog Gen?"

Apparently you folks like reading things, I'm pretty partial to writing, and I really like hearing from you! So here's how we're going to do this: I'll write things that are hopefully relevant, and if you want to hear my thoughts on a particular topic, send me a message!

"What's this Compendium thing people know you for?"

Previously, I created The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets - a massive document containing over a dozen warlock patrons, with familiars, spells, invocations, and unique plots for each. The previous version had over 20,000 views and was one of the top posts of all time on /r/UnearthedArcana. I also wrote the Compendium of Sacred Mysteries, with cleric domains, and the Compendium of Primal Revelations, with my attempt to expand and revitalize the druid subclasses.

Now, I'm back with a single quest: revive the Compendium of Forgotten Secrets as a full, ~150 page book worthy of being on your table!

"How's the Compendium coming along?"

The Compendium is proceeding on schedule for the July 2018 release - all of the essential art is finishing up, the cover will be done within the next few weeks, and the content for the free version is being completed. Once that's all taken care of, I'll start on the content for the full version and we'll go from there!

"What's the plan for the release? What versions are you talking about?"

The official release date will be announced during the second week of June - be sure to subscribe so you'll be notified of the release date and any previews before then!

The release will consist of three versions:

1. The Free Version - This gives you all of the mechanical content you've been seeing and giving me feedback on, as well as much of the lore and artwork you've been craving!

2. The Full Version - In this, you'll get absolutely everything! 40+ additional pages of lore, artwork, plot suggestions, story hooks, and additional content I've got planned to make this the true love-letter to the warlock class. You'll also get printer-friendly versions of the PDF and special bonuses like online and printable tokens from the artwork in the Compendium!

3. The Print Version - This is where it gets really special: I'll be offering a physically printed version of the Compendium through both DriveThruRPG and The physical copy will also include the full digital version for free, as well as all the benefits that come with that version.

Pricing, availability, and other information about the release will become available as we get closer to June.

For now, thank you so much for supporting me on this journey! Without you, this wouldn't have become what it is today.


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