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Midnight Madness - 5 Moonlit Subclasses in COSMR

Nightshade Ranger Conclave

Hey folks!

It's the first Full Blue Moon on Halloween in decades, so today I'm celebrating by giving you FIVE subclasses coming in the Compendium of Sacred Mysteries: Resurrection! Check them out by clicking the link below!

The Scholastic Lunacy tradition makes the were-wizard a reality, giving our normally vulnerable casters some added durability and melee prowess when it's needed while still keeping them focused on their spellcasting.

The Moonlight Domain cleric dances in the shadows, wielding light as a weapon when they aren't unleashing their deadly radiance.

The Lunar Corsair focuses on the connection between the moon and tides, gaining a magical ship to sail the night sky and a fearsome reputation to match.

The Oath of Sorrow paladin embraces the cold, bringing back moonlit memories to fortify the spirit and chill enemies with regret.

The Lunar Scion fighter is a deadly combination-attacker, relying on a mystical connection to turn blasts of moonlight into slick and deadly setups that punish any misstep.

Art by Julijana Mijailovic, Copyright Genuine Fantasy Press LLC

Thank you so much for reading - please let me know what you think by joining me on Discord! Or, leave a comment on Reddit!


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