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Nine-Sealed Nightmare Sorcerer Preview!

Hey folks!

Check out this new sorcerer archetype, associated with the Perfect Union - a religious order which believes in the power of fate and destiny. Their eternal crusade against the forces of the eldritch beyond has led them to use methods such as this to capture their foes, though with often unexpected and dire consequences. Be sure to let me know what you think - I love hearing from you!

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Nightshade Ranger Conclave

Thank you so much!

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Peter Martin
23 okt. 2019

This is a really interesting subclass, but I'd have to really trust the player playing it to allow this in one of my games. It presents an interesting set of story implications - my personal favorite is that this shackled Thing undergoes some sort of redemption arc, but having a PC suddenly turn into the Big Bad at some point would also be pretty interesting at the right table.

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