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Seven-Sealed Savior & Nine-Sealed Nightmare Sorcerers!

Hey folks!

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Check out these twinned Sorcerous Origins, focusing on harboring or being entirely consumed by otherworldly forces of light or darkness. They feature a unique mechanic that empowers you even as you run out of spell slots, making them versatile and interesting balancing acts to play!

Nightshade Ranger Conclave

Thank you so much for reading - please let me know what you think!

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Great concepts here, I spent a couple of hours analyzing these bloodlines and have a brief review. Firstly, the concept of seals is a very interesting mechanic that sets them apart from any other origin found in official materials. I am concerned however that the increased sustainability of the seal system giving new options and more power as spell slots dwindle will cause these origins to outshine any of the default options. That being said, I would need to see a lot of play-testing to really be sure how it works. Second, both classes have great features, OTHER than the 18th level features. Cleansing light inflicts blindness on anything that attacks the sorcerer without any saving throws or ways to avoid…

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